Voting historyEdit

Original Tribe New Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Eliminated: Ty
4/7 votes
4/8 votes
5/8 votes
3/9 votes
6/10 votes
5/9 votes
4/8 votes
4/7 votes
3/5 votes
Tie Lukas
No vote
1 vote
Voter Vote
Jimbo Paul Paul Riley Kevin Karen Paul Ollie Paul Lukas Lukas Clair
Courtney Kevin Karen Joe Ollie Paul Lukas Tied
Clair Courtney Paul Ollie Lukas Courtney Courtney
Lukas Kevin Karen Joe Clair Paul Courtney Tied
Paul Ty Nathan Kathrine Riley Kevin Karen Joe Ollie Lukas
Rachel Kathrine Paul Jimbo Courtney Rachel Rachel
Ollie Ty Nathan Paul Rachel Kevin Karen Joe Clair
Joe Paul Rachel Courtney Paul
Karen Karen Kevin Lukas
Robby Paul Kathrine Robby Robby
Kevin Kathrine Riley Jimbo
Riley Ty Nathan Kathrine Rachel
Kathrine Ty Nathan Paul
Mac Mac Mac
Nathan Riley Paul
Ty Riley
Jury vote
Finalist: Courtney
2/7 votes
5/7 votes
Juror Vote
Clair Jimbo
Lukas Jimbo
Paul Courtney
Rachel Jimbo
Ollie Courtney
Joe Jimbo
Karen Jimbo

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